Use features: This product is milky white and shows a slight smell of ammonia. It is characterized by high solid content, quick drying, anti dust, anti slide and lasting brightness. Meanwhile, it won't become yellow and it enables to clean the traces of shoe heel. It is suitable for rubber floor, granite and marble floor etc. After high speed polishing, wax surface is smoother, harder and more wear-resistant.
Ingredient characteristics: Metal crosslinked polymer. Milky white, slightly ammonia.
Usage and dosage: Without dilution, a clean wax mop or a water scrape is directly used to evenly spread the product. Before waxing, use the stripper to remove the old wax layer, clear water or mild all purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean the ground and dry it. More layers can be coated if required. The second layer wax can be coated after the first wax surface dries.
Note: All detergents shall not contain soap, alkali, ammonia and butyl solvent characteristics. Avoid touching the eyes. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Never eating. It is suggested to wear protective gloves when using.