Use features: This product is a high gloss floor finish characterized by milky white and delicate fragrance.Especally suitable for the use of the property management unit. Furthermore, it is suitable for supplementing wax,cleaning and repairing in case of maintenance of the waxed surface,
Ingredient characteristics:Metal cross-linked polymer, emulsion paraffin. Milky white and delicate fragrance.
Usage and dosage:1.Of daily maintenance, use the mop soaked with detergent to remove dust. In case of the oil, use the mop soaked with the diluted mild detergent to wipe. As for the place with much dirt, the concentration of the detergent is thicker. 2.Use a spray can to spray the clean polish wax on the floor and then polish with a high speed polisher.
Note: The used detergent shall not contain soap,alkali,ammonia and butyl sovent characteristics.