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 TUESDAY:     Beginner Vinyasa     6:30-7:30pm

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*Sign up via email or directly at the studio. We are located at 200 Weymouth Street in Rockland. We share the building with MacMurray Art & Wellness. Studio in back.

Courtney Bell
"In order to practice bring an inner fire, constant study and devotion to spiritual connection are required." sutra 2.1

Courtney ignites you to strengthen your core and find your balance on and off the mat.  She works to fire your devotion to practice. The asana practice she offers is to help you connect your breath (pranayama) and inward awareness (pratyahara) to explore your path.   Courtney uses her training to help her practitioners discover a piece of themselves  previously unttainable. She works to strengthen your core and finding your balance to help navigate life.

Over 15 years  ago,  Courtney started her yoga path at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. She was introduced to integrating the Yoga Sutras by Daren Friesen.  This led her to connect  body, breath, and movement with the mind. She incorporates the sutras into life.

She began her study of teaching yoga with Street Yoga in San Diego. This lead her to explore more about the body and movement and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu yoga center. She completed her 200 hour training at Chakra  Power Yoga with Nicole  Burrill and Tim Kelleher.

Balance .....Breathe...Core ...

Come explore.

Kristen Keaney
Kristen is our Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga instructor who offers classes at Sunset Lake in Braintree MA during the summer months!

Kristen's chronic back pain from a young age led her to yoga in 2008. Yoga started as simply a way to relieve muscle tension and postural issues linked to her scoliosis but quickly opened up an entirely different understanding of her approach to living. After practicing Ashtanga Yoga for several years and fully experiencing its undeniable benefits she decided to complete her 200hr teaching training at Health Yoga Life in Cambridge, MA. 

Since completing her training, Kristen has taught yoga in Milton and Quincy and is currently in the process of completing her Yoga For Scoliosis certification under the guidance of Elise Browning Miller from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Western Massachusetts.

Kristen joined Sonas Wellness this summer as our Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor at Sunset Lake in Braintree. Whether on a mat or out on a board, Kristen's yoga style is about finding balance. By linking breath with each individual movement she tries to help her students develop a calm, meditative practice in which they feel confident in each posture. Her strong emphasis on alignment encourages students to become aware of any imbalances or challenges within their bodies and works with them to help create harmony. We find that as we begin to move the body through connection to our breath we also begin to find stillness in our thoughts, and that is when the real healing process begins!

"Yoga is an internal practice, the rest is just circus." 
-Pattabhi Jois